The high school in San Pablo is very much a recent success story. Three years ago, the administration of the community high school was assumed by an organization called FE y ALEGRIA (Faith and Joy).  At that time there were a total of 60 students in the school. Today there are over 500 students attending the high school. The salaries of the teachers and the costs associated with running the school are paid from what parents can contribute, from scholarships and from the contributions of FE y ALEGRIA.  Salary costs are currently one hundred thousand dollars annually.  20% of the students now go on to third level education.

In 2012, ECUADOR QUILT, INC financed the construction of a beautiful outdoor pavilion at the school. The pavilion is an open structure that measures 32 meters by 22 meters, has dipped steel columns, a full roof and state of the art lighting. With the constant, searing heat in San Pablo, this pavilion provides the only large, shaded area for general assemblies, gym classes, and large community functions. 

In 2006, the friends of San Pablo from Houston, Texas began to help the high school. They provided much needed funding for construction of classrooms and equipment.  This year, yet another classroom was added thanks to funding from Texas. Together with the friends in Texas, ECUADOR QUILT, INC financed the construction and the equipping of a mechanical shop addition to the high school in 2011.   

The mechanical training is a full three year career training program in which students are certified to work as auto mechanics. There are job opportunities in this field in the nearby towns of Salinas and Santa Elena.  A facilitator to the Mechanical school will be appointed to help arrange internships for the students in the hope that this will lead to permanent employment. In its first year of operation, 40 students took this course. This school year, 90 students have enrolled.

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