Since 2008, basic health care in Ecuador is provided free-of-charge, including doctors' visits and basic surgeries and medications. However, the high demand of patients strains the public hospitals. The ability to get even basic government-provided health care services in the indigenous communities, like San Pablo, is very limited. 

In 2005, the founders of ECUADOR QUILT helped to fund the construction of a medical clinic in San Pablo.  Dedicated in January 2006, it is managed and run by three Catholic Sisters who are nurses. The services provided include OBGYN, Pediatrics, Dentistry and general medicine. Each day, a doctor is in attendance. Friday is pediatric and Saturday is OBGYN day.   Patients are asked to pay three dollars per visit but no one is turned away for lack of payment.  

The clinic is impeccably clean and a welcoming facility for patients to wait comfortably and to be seen by staff. Approximately 3000 residents of the community are registered at the clinic and an average of 40 patients are seen each day during the normal visiting hours. 

The facility includes: 
  • Doctor's office & full dental suite
  • Reception area & conference room   
  • Examination rooms     
  • Pharmacy & fully equipped lab    
  • HDI ultra sound system
  • Birthing suite

A Patchwork of Love & Hope

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Ecuador Quilt Health clinic in San Pablo
Health clinic in San Pablo
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Once a year, medical professionals from Houston, Texas, volunteer their services to the needy and poor of San Pablo and surrounding areas of Ecuador.  In the week they spend there, they perform surgeries and services for the needy, free of charge.   Each year, by the end of this week, up to one hundred surgeries are performed on desperately needy patients. Without the clinic built by Ecuador Quilt, these services could not be so easily organized. 
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