ECUADOR QUILT has been instrumental in providing financial assistance to construct new homes for needy families who could not otherwise improve their quality of life or living conditions. 
  • New houses are simple cinder block construction, built to the needs of the particular family.  
  • All contain indoor cooking facilities and a bathroom. 
  • They cost an average of $5,000. 
  • To date, ECUADOR QUILT and friends have financed the construction of 60 homes for desperately needy families.

Housing for the poorest residents of San Pablo is constructed of corrugated metal, discarded plastic bags, cardboard and any other available materials to enclose an area with a dirt floor that becomes a home.   
  • Bathroom and kitchen facilities are primitive and outside the home.  
  • The picture on the left, shows these hovels, which are, fortunately, becoming less and less prevalent throughout the area.
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terrible living conditions in Ecuador
housing for the poor in Ecuador
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