A major mission of ECUADOR QUILT is to assist the needy and disadvantaged children particularly within the indigenous community of San Pablo. With funding from ECUADOR QUILT, INC, 6 day care centers have been constructed and have been fully operational for a number of years. Each center has a full kitchen, adequate bathrooms, a shower and an outside wash basin. There are cribs and mattresses, as needed, for naps for the younger children. They now also have an outside play area with playground equipment. 

Today, an average of 175 children, ages 2 to 5, attend these centers. Centers operate from Monday through Friday, every week, from 8 am until 4 pm.  The children receive healthy meals - breakfast, a mid morning snack, dinner at noon and a snack at 3 pm.   Often, this is the only food the child will eat that day and attendance is as much about nutrition for the children as it is about safe care during the workday.  

Caring local people staff the day care centers and the government provides much of the cost of running the center, once it has been constructed, with the balance of food and operational funding from ECUADOR QUILT.  The largest center has 65 children and a staff of 10 full-time care givers including one cook for each 20 children. 

A Patchwork of Love & Hope

These changes are in stark contrast to the way that Child Care was handled in the past.
  • On an initial visit to Ecuador, several ECUADOR QUILT founders were exposed to the dreadful conditions of an original day care center as well as to the outdoor bathroom facilities in use by the children. 
  • This center accommodated 36 children under age 6.
  • These pictures depict the horrible conditions in which the children found themselves. 
  • This discovery gave rise to what Quilt refers to as the evolution of the Day Care Center concept.
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With its close proximity to the equator, San Pablo, Ecuador experiences intense sunshine and heat every day, with very little rainfall and few trees in this sea shore community. Shade, created for this play area, provides an essential oasis for mid-day playtime.  
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Former Outdoor Children's Bathroom
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