• Across the country of Ecuador, the distribution of wealth is highly skewed and close to four million people, more than 30%, live in poverty.  
  • Another 17% are vulnerable to poverty.  
  • Approximately 1.5 million Ecuadorians live in extreme poverty and cannot meet their own nutritional requirements even if they spend everything they earn on food. 
  • Ecuador has no welfare program and social support programs to help the poor in times of trouble are very limited.

A Patchwork of Love & Hope

Feeding the poor
underfed children overseas
helping to house the homeless
Helping the poor

In San Pablo, a fishing village on the coast of Ecuador, living conditions are very difficult. The community is primarily an indigenous group called Cholas.  Until about fifteen years ago, their primary source of income was shrimp farming.  At that time, a virus called Mancha Blanca infected the shrimp, devastating the local industry and shifting it to Asia. There has been no opportunity for this industry to recover in San Pablo. 

The entire community lives well below the poverty level and is malnourished.  The children are especially vulnerable with many of them struggling to get by on one meal a day and many more dependent on day care centers and food kitchens for sustanance. 

A major local problem for this seaside community is the complete lack of fresh water available in the area. With San Pablo’s proximity to the ocean, the ground water contains saline.  Rainfall is infrequent with no rain in some years.  This limits industry and business opportunities.  
The fishing fleet in San Pablo
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